Nigeria’s problems will end when there are funds for projects and no funds for embezzlement.

Every now and then, government at both the state and the federal levels lament paucity of fund for anything they want to do.

They are quick to mention it (lack of enough fund) has a major inhibiting factor for their programs.

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Reading through Ogun State Governor-elect, Dapo Abiodun’s address to members of his transition committee and work groups today, the entire speech was replete with the paucity funds lamentation.

But yet, embezzlement of funds persists at an alarming volume at both the two levels of govt. The local government is no exception. There are funds for embezzlement, but no fund for projects.

Is not, therefore, right, to conclude that Nigeria’s problems will disappear the day there are funds for projects and no funds for embezzlement?

Will that day ever come?

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