The Beginning. The Present. The Future.

The Beginning

This journey started with our passion for new technologies. Generally, we’re early adopters of new modern gadgets, which we always ended up selling to others. so we decided to open shop to sell modern goods and services in our brick and mortar office first in Lagos, then in Sagamu, Ogun State where our expertise to source high quality and genuine telecoms goods at affordable prices for our numerous clients that cut across every stratum of the society really manifested much.

The Present

Now we sell majorly online. For those who already know us, we did it together in the physical world, let’s do it together again online! Welcome to Tayo Banjo’s little corner on the world wide web, www.tayobanjo.com, a.k.a Tayo’s Place! Expect the same stellar service experience and quality products we’re known for in the physical world here online too. To our new clients, we promise you the best buy experience for your smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop systems, accessories, software and internet related services.

And, To The Future

The future is brighter for modern living, We are strengthening our online presence to bring in more modern product lines such clothing and other fashion accessories for men and women. We are introducing more household gadgets categories too. Our bulk SMS and web design services are being reinvigorated for the future.

As new innovations break, we remain focus at Tayo’s Place to be in the forefront of bringing these innovations and solutions to you at the most affordable prices. It is a promise!

Here In The Present
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